Table of Contents

P A R T I : Meet the Schmuck 1
Introduction 3
What Is Disruptive Behavior? 11
Why Do We Care About Disruptive Be hav ior? 16
Disruptive Personalities 21
Types of People, and What to Do About Them 27
How Do I Really Use This Book? 31
Important Disclaimers 35
P A R T I I : In the Spotlight: Drama Kings and Queens 39
Dramatic, Emotional, and Erratic: Character Pathology 41
Narcissus 45
The Venus Flytrap 77
The Swindler 110
P A R T I I I : Distraction, Disorganization, and Delays at the Desk 147
Cognition at Work 149
The Bean Counter 154
The Distracted 183
Mr. Hyde 200
The Lost 219
P A R T I V : Can’t Put a Finger on It? 237
Cultural Sensitivity 239
The Robotic 243
The Eccentric 265
The Suspicious 280
P A R T V : Conclusion 301
Am I the Schmuck in My Office? 303
Workplace Philosophies 306